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Hereditary lawyer

Almost everyone in his life has to face the procedure of inheritance acceptance. After the death of the testators, and they may be both relatives and other persons, the heir must in a six-month period apply for inheritance and the opening of an inheritance case. The appeal occurs to the notary in writing at the location of the property or the greater part of it. At the expiration of the six-month period, the notary issues an inheritance certificate. The procedure is clear and clearly outlined in the legislation of Ukraine. Nevertheless, often there are disputable situations requiring the participation of a lawyer for hereditary cases. The disputes arise both between heirs, who believe that the shares in inheritance should be differently distributed, and with a notary, who refuses to issue the inheritance certificate for any circumstances. Such disputes can be resolved only in a judicial proceeding, where the lawyer for hereditary cases will be able to protect your interests. In fact, it is a professional lawyer who will help you competently conduct the trial, gather evidence and show no emotion, without responding to provocations from other inheritors to defend your interests.

The inheritance lawyer will also help to accompany the whole process of accession to the inheritance, to constitute an agreement between the heirs, or to issue the waiver of the inheritance, to determine the exact share in the inheritance, to accompany the process of restoring the missed deadlines for entry into the inheritance, to assist in the recognition of a will or a life care contract as invalid, to recognize ownership right by way of inheritance, to change the order of inheritance, to establish the fact of kinship, the fact of living with one family and other facts, having a legal value.

The experienced lawyers of “VEXILLUM” Lawyers Association, who have more than 10 years of experience in hereditary cases, will give you qualified advice within a short time, develop a plan of action and tactics to conduct the case in order to achieve the maximum positive decision to the customer, who resorted to us.