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Financial Lawyer

The majority of Ukrainians (and not only Ukrainians) at least once in their lives obtained loans or deposited money in financial institutions (usually banks), but due to the very unstable situation in the country, many of those people simply cannot return the deposit, and those who took loans for repairs, buying cars, apartments or other purposes on bail, pledge of movable and immovable property faced with the fact that they simply cannot redeem them! It is not because they do not want to, they simply do not have the ability to do this. Unfortunately, neither banks, nor leasing companies and especially collectors do not want to make concessions to customers (neither restructuring, nor interest rate reduction), but on the contrary, they charge interests and penalties in full, and as you understand, in the future, with the help of all kinds of legal (in their opinion) schemes, and illegal as well, simply exempt collateral (and not only) and leave the debtor with nothing.

Having analyzed the documents (including case materials, in the case of litigation) and drawing up an action plan, the experienced lawyers of “VEXILLUM” Lawyers Association will help you in this difficult situation, both in the pre-trial and in the judicial (at any stage of the case) settlement of deposit disputes (return of the deposit), loan disputes, write-off of penalties, fines and interests, lifting an attachment of property, demanding property from an unfair acquirer, invalidation of executive notary, loan and mortgage agreements as well as bail agreements and, accordingly, will achieve the most positive results for the customer.