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Family Lawyer

Different situations may happen in our lives, and tying the knots, no one can even think about the possibility of a family dissolution, which in most cases is accompanied by mutual insults, claims, squabbles and scandals, that lead to the need for a lawyer to solve the problems, such as divorce, property division, alimony for a child support, determination of the schedule of contact with a child of one of the spouses and not infrequently even with the problem of deprivation of parental rights or, on the contrary, establishing the fact of paternity.

The specialists of “VEXILLUM” Lawyers Association will help you with the most common family disputes, such as:

Divorce – our specialists can just write you a statement of claim with full legal advice, or can provide complete legal support for the divorce process, including the absence of the need to visit not the most pleasant event like the court hearing, regardless of whether you have children or one of the spouses is a foreigner.

Alimony for child support – one of the most important moments in the divorce process is the financial well-being of the child (financial situation), which is why our lawyers will competently and in the shortest time period compile the necessary documents, file documents with the court and help you recover and receive alimony for child support.

Property division – unfortunately, this is an inevitable process in the availability of marital property and the lack of consent of the spouses on the proportion of its division voluntarily. The lawyers of “VEXILLUM” Lawyers Association will find the most positive option for the customer in this complex and multifaceted process, compile all the documents necessary for the settlement of this matter and will accompany you until the final settlement of such dispute, whether judicial or extrajudicial process.

Schedule of contact with a child – many parents after the dissolution of marriage begin to “spoil” the life of the former spouse and frequently such actions are accompanied by manipulation of the time of communication with the child (with whom the child will stay on the weekends, vacations or any other day), it is the situation that our lawyers will help you to settle in absolutely legal way and establish a contact schedule with the child, giving parents a certain period of free time for themselves.

Establishing the fact of paternity – in life situations some fathers begin to doubt whether he is the father of the child of his ex-wife, who also recover alimony for the maintenance of this child. In this situation, lawyers of “VEXILLUM” Lawyers Association will help to resolve this situation: file a suit, carry out the necessary examinations and finally close this issue for the customer.

Deprivation of parental rights is a very complex and multifaceted process, that requires an exclusively professional approach of a lawyer, competent compilation of documents and a colossal evidence base for a positive decision. That is why we are always ready to provide you with highly qualified assistance and resolve this issue.