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Criminal lawyer

Criminal cases are one of the most difficult legal directions, requiring special attention and professionalism. And it doesn’t mean that we are talking only about “criminals” and “recidivists”. The experience has proven that everyone can become accused in a criminal case, but to prove their innocence despite the presumption of innocence is a very painstaking and challenging task that professionals, the lawyers, must directly deal with.

Our lawyers will help you in every situation (whether it is a road traffic accident, economic crime or illegal criminal prosecution), provide assistance at all stages of the criminal process (both pre-trial and judicial proceeding with possible appeal). You will need the help of a lawyer both in dealing with law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor, in conducting investigative actions and in the judicial trial itself. The task of the lawyers of “VEXILLUM” Lawyers Association is to analyze the particular situation, develop a position of protection, gather evidence, draw up and submit the necessary documents (such as petitions, complaints, statements).

Remember that independent actions on your own in criminal cases (starting from the pre-trial investigation stage) can only exacerbate the situation, and as a result, lead to undesirable consequences, which as a rule cannot be fixed in the future, so do not forget, everyone should do his job (according to Art. 1312 of the Constitution of Ukraine, only a lawyer represents another person before court, as well as protects from criminal charges).