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Car lawyer

At the present time, few people can get along without a car, it is an assistant both in everyday life and in work. But unfortunately, due to our negligence (fault) and negligence (fault) of other road users, unpleasant situations such as road traffic accidents (both with and without victims), unjustified revocation of driving license (other disputes with law enforcement officers on the roads), as well as disputes with insurance companies, that are generally very reluctant to perform their duties on insurance payments in the case of insured events occurrence.

Our team of experienced lawyers will help to resolve both your pre-trial and judicial problems in your current situation.

Assistance in case of a traffic road accident – lawyers of “VEXILLUM” Lawyers Association will provide professional legal assistance in case of a traffic road accident, necessity of appeal against unlawful actions of police officers, as well as in bringing to administrative responsibility and the defense in criminal cases on the fact of the traffic road accident.

Our lawyers will help you in the shortest possible time receive funds for the repair of your car, as well as, in case of victims availability, for their treatment and recovery directly from the culprit, without waiting for payment from the insurance company (which often takes years to receive).

Assistance in working with insurance companies – a full legal analysis of all documents with the drawing up of a scheme for further action, negotiations, making claims, complaints about the actions (inactions) of the insurance company, preparation of statements of claim and full legal support until the set goals will be achieved.

Assistance with administrative offenses – lawyers of “VEXILLUM” Lawyers Association appeal against the decision of police officers and protect your interests in court with deprivation of the right to drive (driving license) at all stages of the process, including Article 130 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine driving in a state of an alcoholic or drug intoxication, or under the influence of medicines (the sanction of Article 130 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine provides for a fine of UAH 10 200 to 40 800 with revocation of driving license for 1-10 years).