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Business lawyer

As a rule, the presence of a lawyer or a legal department is possible in large companies, but to minimize the expenses for employees, large companies are increasingly applying to Business Lawyers for comprehensive legal support (outsourcing).

The medium and small businesses often simply do not want or cannot afford to pay salaries to several specialists in various branches of law.

When the owner of an enterprise decides that a lawyer is not necessary, because it is easy to find a standard form contract in the Internet, he takes the great risk of falling into the trap of penalties and sanctions, that his counterparty will add to the contract, or, for example, on the contrary forget to prescribe the order of payments for the rendered service or delivered goods. The result of this “saving”, as a rule, is a large debts receivable and non-fulfillment of contracts by contractors. That leads not to saving, but on the contrary to the losses of the enterprise and unjustified litigation.

In our practice when working with customers, we see problems of a legal nature that could be avoided or minimized. The main ones are: the disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information by employees, the lack of job descriptions and regulations, the inspections by supervisory bodies without the participation of a lawyer, the proper drawing up of contracts, and sometimes their absence, the absence of proper representation in the tax authorities and appeal against their actions or decisions, non-participation of a lawyer in litigation, non-participation of a lawyer in negotiations of disputable moments and many other things.

Each company needs a legal support regardless of the scale of its activities, the specifics of the work and the number of employees. Ignoring legal support and backing leads to financial losses of the company, loss of important information and lost opportunities for business development.

Our lawyers specialize in supporting the business and its legal backing, have experience and real practice that will avoid unnecessary problems for the company.

The subscriber’s legal service by “VEXILLUM” Lawyers association is a cheaper way of legal service than a hiring of a full-time lawyer or barrister, but it is much more effective, because several specialists in different branches of law deal with your company at once. We have different payment systems for you to choose the one that suits you best.

We are ready for dialogue and we are sure that we will find the best legal solution, suitable for you.